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      前海國際會議中心 | 泛光照明工程


      地點 LOCATION  /  深圳 SHENZHEN
      年份 YEAR  /  2020
      建筑設計 ARCHITECTS  /  深圳建筑設計總院建筑師 
      DESIGNER  /   孟建民院士
      建筑面積 FLOORAGE  / 4萬m2
      榮譽 AWARDS / “嶺南杯”優秀建筑裝飾工程獎金獎 | 2021
                                  深照獎照明工程獎二等獎 | 2021



      The architectural design of Qianhai International Conference Center adopts the combination of traditional and modern methods. The large roof of the building uses modern materials and colored glaze glass to deduce the traditional glazed tile roof, with the theme of "Tulle". The creativity originates from the tile roof of traditional dwellings in Lingnan. Through modern architectural techniques and materials, it reflects the confidence of Chinese traditional national culture, which has both traditional charm and conforms to Qianhai The atmosphere of the new era. The lighting design of the conference center is ingenious, with landscape elements calling for interior decoration. The Lingnan Characteristic theme of "colorful clouds chasing the moon" is as thin as cicada wings, as light as gauze; colorful clouds chasing the moon lead to reverie; ancient colored glass glows with gold armour; and Lingnan is a master in dreams. Through the different landscape elements in the site, it interprets the Lingnan characteristics of "colorful clouds chasing the moon", and promotes the charm of Lingnan culture.

      In order to achieve the animation effect of "colorful clouds chasing the moon", Kaiming customized three different types of lamps according to the curtain wall structure of Qianhai International Conference Center and the size of lamp trough on the curtain wall. The length of the lamps installed on the north and South roofs was more than 5600 meters, and the number reached 6500 pieces. Through the accurate and scientific calculation and control of the floodlighting control system, the light and shade of the roof light can be adjusted to create a gradual effect. At the same time, the animation template is set in advance in the control system. Finally, a beautiful scene of still moon and dynamic clouds is shown on the roof.








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