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      地點 LOCATION  /  深圳 SHENZHEN

      年份 YEAR  /  2004

      建筑設計 ARCHITECTS  /  GMP建筑設計事務所(德國)

      建筑面積 FLOORAGE  / 28萬m2



      The project, together with representative buildings such as Greater China and Citizen Center, has formed a beautiful landscape in the south of the city's central axis and will create a brand-new exhibition opportunity for Shenzhen's economic leap again. The Convention and Exhibition Center has three halls, each with two eye-shaped lamps hanging on the top. The diameter of the lamps is 6 meters long and consists of tens of thousands of color-changing light emitting diodes, each weighing more than 800 kilograms. When in use, it can expand into UFO shape under the action of blower, so it is nicknamed "UFO lamp". The lamp is developed by our company. The lamp panel adopts steel structure and can change white, yellow, green and other colors. It is understood that this kind of lighting lamp in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is the largest in the world at present, breaking the record of 5.2 meters held by Germany.






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