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      地點 LOCATION  /  成都 CHENGDU

      年份 YEAR  /  2021

      建筑面積 FLOORAGE  / 33.25萬m2



      Wenshu square, located at the side of Renmin middle road in the center of Chengdu, is a central leisure and tourism area in Chengdu. It integrates with CBD, a traditional city business center, and integrates tourism, leisure and vacation, catering and food, specialty shopping, antique calligraphy and painting appreciation collection, cultural and artistic exchange, etc. it interprets the cultural style and features of Old Chengdu through the time span of ancient and modern times Folk customs and leisure culture essence. At the same time, with the Chinese special architectural culture symbol - Western Sichuan traditional residential form characteristic chief commercial courtyard, show a natural landscape and cultural heritage, completely subvert the traditional commercial street form - courtyard commercial street. The lighting design of this case takes "urban aura · Han culture" as the theme, and constructs three systems of ripple, landscape and ladder. Ripple takes the urban scale as a reference, and achieves immersive natural experience through the design of roof light and shadow system; Taking the scale close to human as a reference, landscape creates an interactive window system: human architecture landscape, the unity of nature and human, mutual contrast; The ladder takes the near human scale as the reference, and creates the spiritual environment of time and space shuttle through the air corridor system.


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